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Update Laravel Socialite from using Google+ API


The Laravel Socialite uses Google+ API to authenticate user, but since Google+ API is shutting down, the https://www.googleapis.com/plus/v1/people/me will no longer works.

If you are currently using Google+ API for Socialite Google OAuth2 authentication, you should upgrade Socialite version 4.

If are stuck with Socialite version 3.x because you need to run Laravel with lower or equal to version 5.5 (or because of PHP 7.0), change the composer package to 3.0.x-dev and run composer update as of this writing.

I am expecting Laravel Socialite 3.x Google OAuth API will be updated soon, but the package has not yet released.

How Google Works

How Google Works

How Google Works

How Google Works was written by two long time Google employee, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, about what they learn in their past experience with Google.

In this book, they talked about their relationship with the founders, their management peers, and their smart creatives (regular employees).

This book does not talk about “How Google Works” in technical area, but it give many example to explain How Google operate to make it works. The story behind Google leaving China is fascinating. The authors were not afraid to admit the mistakes they made, but rather embracing them. There are couple points that I like in the books.

1. Use data to make decision or to backup your claim.
2. We live in the Internet century.
3. Hire employees who like to learn.

This is a management books. I like it how it explains all the technical terms in footnotes. If you are not in the computer industry, you will not be  lost reading this book.

I recommend this book to those who are entering into management or seeking ideas to improve their company or team.