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I am a Michael Lewis fan, so I read Coach.

The story was surrounded by Coach Fitz, who was Michael Lewis’s baseball coach in high school.

One thing struck me the most was the parents involvement of the school sports. I thought grade school sports were meant to shape up a young person’s character. As a parent myself, I have to remind myself about the reason kids play sports, which is to me, is to install grit, perseverance, and respect.

Start With Why

The core is “Why”, then it’s layered with “What”, and surrounded by “How”.

I reflected on my career so far, I started as a “How” person. My team lead would ask me to take on a project and I would complete the project because I know “How” to do it.

As I got more experience, I became like a “What” person. I analyzed the scope of the project, define “What” needed to be done, then delegated the “How” tasks to others.

Now I am working my way to become a “Why” person from a “What” person. I might never become the “Why” person, but I am hoping one day I will be.

Just as the book said, there are not many “Why” people in the world, but I am more than happy if I can be the “What” person for the “Why” people.


What didn’t happen to me does not mean it does not happen elsewhere.

I was really sadden by hearing the “so called nerd/geeks” would do something described from the book to their peers.

If it is my luck that I have not encountered these people in my 10 plus tech career, thank you.