Monthly Archives: July 2017

Becoming Brilliant

The title is intriguing enough that when I read this book during break at work, I had to explain this book is not about how to get your children into the Ivy league schools or a how to book to get As in school.

Instead, this book helps me to understand the challenge in the current and future workplace. It gave me insight on how to raise a child to be successful beyond their schooling.

The 6 Cs, collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative, and confidence, are the pillars

I was interested in this book after listening to NPR reported about this book. It was sold out immediately after the story aired in the air. I had to wait for couple weeks before receiving a copy of this book.

7 habit of highly effective people

I really like this book. It illustrate each habit with a concrete example. In this book, I learn that the characteristic of the highly effective people are the people manage to use their time to invest on themselves along with a positive thinking.

One of the habits that I can work on is to picture my life with the endgame in mind. I am still trying to figure it out at the time of the writing, but I know I do not want to be the one of the people who watched most TV or one of the unhealthy people on the planet.

It is not easy to manage time wisely now a days since entertainment is just a swipe away on my hand, but it can be done. Just by making being proactive, live with an endgame in mind, do first thing first, think win-win, be an empathic listener, and think team as a habit.

Let’s do it.