An Innocent Client


This is a legal thriller I found offered by Amazon to its Prime members with a Kindle.

The main character of this book is an attorney name Joe Dillard. I felt this character became an attorney probably because he can, but he does not necessary want to be one. Dillard wanted out as an attorney because he was often assigned to represent clients that he did not like to be linked with. It’s not the hardship Dillard is dealing with, it’s more of how he wanted out with a case that could pay him well enough to get out.

The story pace is fast and it is a page turner. The characters in the book were typical and I did not find any surprises. It’s like reading a movie script.

I like the story, it’s a good read for leisure.

By the way, Scott Pratt is a independent author, so basically he has no publisher to advertise for him. I guess publishing on Kindle is a good way to go. Good job.

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