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Originals by Adam Grant talked about the people impacted the world were not born with certain traits.

It started with his “failure to invest in Warby Parker” experience to point out that our wrong perception on how successful people look or do things certain ways. It was not always college drop outs or risk takers could start a successful company.

Grant pointed out that for one popular painting by Picasso or famous play by Shakespeare also came with many more unrecognized paintings and unsuccessful plays.

Grant also made suggestions on building a successful company should look for culture behavior fit instead of cultural fit. It is because if a company only looked for people who were similar would make a company less likely to have breakthrough.

On leadership:

  • Ban the words like, love, and hate. In the team conversation, replace these “emotional” words with “fact”.
  • Think from the opposite sides to encourage aggressive defense.

On parenting:

  • It’s better to link good behavior to good moral character.
  • Emphasize values over rule.
  • Explain how bad behavior would hurt other people.

Originals gave me confirmation on how I would stop being too reliable on the popular media, instead, rely more on what’s going on beneath the surface.


I like mobile payment, but not many gas stations are accepting it at the pump. When I saw speedpass+ by Exxon Mobile, claiming that you can pay gas at the pump with your phone, and there is a gas station nearby accepting speedpass+, so I gave it a try.

First of all, it’s not Apple or Android or Samsung Pay. It’s an application that charge your credit card, although you can connect with your Apple Pay if you are using it on iOS devices.

Once you enter the gas station, launch the speedpass+ application, you have an option to “Pay for Fuel”.


It will ask you which pump you are at. I was at pump 7, so I choose pump 7.


There is a chance that the application does not pick up the gas station (due to GPS unavailability on the phone?), so it has a failsafe option, which is to scan the QR code on the pump.


The process was fast and easy. Once I select the pump, the payment goes through with the credit card that I registered with. The app will tell you that you have 30 seconds to start putting fuel into your car. (I missed on my first try because there was no indication on the pump that says read to pump.)


That’s it. It’s how easy it was. I did not have to pull out my wallet, insert the credit card, put in my zip code. Once finish, a receipt is sent to the phone.


Something I hope speedpass+ can improve on:

  1. The app is location aware so that when I pull into the gas station, the app will send a notification so I don’t have to search for the app.
  2. A better indication about the pump is ready to use after payment is accepted.

In conclusion, I like what I can do with the speedpass+. It’s a step forward.