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amazon books (physical store)


I used to shop at Barnes and Nobles until I had more faith with online shopping with Amazon. I liked the physical touch of books and glancing at the books’ cover sitting on the shelf.

Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores are closing because Amazon or online bookstore had taken away many of its customers. It’s getting harder and harder to find a bookstore. When we thought Amazon has put physical bookstore out of business, Amazon decided to start a physical bookstore itself. I was surprised by the move among with others.

There were only 1 Amazon bookstore in the world and it’s in Seattle. Well, I was in Seattle for vacation, of course, I had to see what Amazon bookstore is all about.

My family was having lunch in the shopping center, I quickly ran to the bookstore to check it out. The Amazon bookstore felt just like a regular bookstore. It’s sort of compact, unassuming brown color bookshelf all around the store, and a dedicated area to display different versions of its Kindles book reader, .

The collection are mostly popular titles, local favorites, or newly releases. There was an area for kids to play and read, just like any other B&N and Borders bookstore.

The cost of the books are the same as the online store, which I was wondering how and why. I did not care, it sounds good to me.

Overall, I like this Amazon bookstore. I hope it will open at the area where there used to be a B&N or Borders. (of course, I hope they leave the independent bookstore alone.)

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days


This book introduces another way to validate ideas. It explained how to validate an idea with the resources that you already have in a week.

This book is kind of a guidebook and a storybook, to me. It includes a lot of instructions and real life example from different Google Ventures portfolio companies. It introduces some tools to help making the sprint works.

I think in order to get the sprint to work, first you have to have the right people with committed attitude, second, you have someone who can take the lead to stick the sprint’s plan.

I like the method of voting and the method of generating ideas. It keeps everyone accountable and at the same time, setup the best scenarios for success.

I like how the author said there is no losing because in the end, you learn something even if the prototype did not work. I would definitely give this Sprint at try with my team.



One of the benefits of having an Amazon Prime and a Amazon Kindle is that many Michael Lewis books are available to checkout as the Kindle lender’s program. Michael Lewis is one of my favorite authors as I have read some of his books before.

Boomerang started with stories of how Iceland turning from a fishing country to finance to bankruptcy, Greece’s financial problem, German’s reaction to the Euros, and ended with human greed that bankrupt a city in the United States.

The stories of how the public services of city workers bankrupt the cities in America is fascinating. The author pointed out it was human nature to get as much as possible from the scarce resources. How the city of Vallejo, California drove itself to bankrupt by the very same people who worked and lived there. At the end of the Vallejo story, it offered some hope that when everything went down to dust, hope rise.

When I was reading the Greece financial problem, I felt like I was reading about the finance condition now in China. It’s strikingly similar. The Greece’s tax ruled were in place, but there were no accountability in the government to execute those rules. Corruption in the system and the distrust between the government officials and citizens ran the country into bankruptcy and later into riots. It would be a good example for the Chinese government to learn from Greece and I hope China will not follow the same path as Greece.

聽話, 不要一直看手機


本來以為這是一本家長求生手册, 給家長們一些貼示如何讓孩子少看一點手機. 但是書中沒有任何指南, 只是作者的生活手記, 可是讀後讓我有更多的啟示.

汪培珽分享自已的家庭生活, 有她自我的反醒和學習. 閱讀時會認為在作者對書中發生事情的反應是正常, 但是當那一克如果發生在自已身上, 恐怕自已沒有那種開放式態度面對. 但正因讀完這本書, 現在好像已有心理預備. 到真正發生時, 才知道吧.


自已一向有看手機的習慣, 主要是看資訊和社交網站. 年初實了NPR 中的Informagical Challenge (See day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), 現在手機在已沒有常在手中. 感覺精神多了一點, 沒有以前那麼煩悶. 希望自已少看, 小孩也會吧?

多看書 (或多發呆), 少看手機.

(但是NBA 實在太好看了!)