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S. Curry made a deep 3 to win the game

This is a very exciting game.

The Oklahoma City Thunders started the game with more than 10 points lead, but the Golden States Warriors kept the game close that they were able to tie the game at in end of regulation when Warriors A. Iguodala made two free throws after Thunders’ Kevin Durant foul with 0.7 seconds left.

In the over time, the Thunders continue to build the lead, but the Warrior still continue making the game close. The Thunders had one more chance but fail to make a basket to break the tie, with 6.10 seconds left, this happens:

S. Curry, brilliance.

Impostor Syndrome

I enjoy going to conference.

It is because I not only able to learn deeper about the topic in the conference, but I was also surrounded by a group of people who share the same interest with me.

I am also an introvert, so most of the time I found myself listening more than talking to others.

Wait… in fact…

I am just romanticizing it by saying I am an introvert. I just have the impostor syndrome in me.

When I talked to other conference attendants, I felt that they are experts in the topics. However, in most of the time, we are pretty much the same. We all want to learn and increase our knowledge about the conference topic. If I don’t feel I belong among the attendees, I would be wasting time being in the conference.

This year, I will have more opportunities to attend different conferences, I will try to break through the impostor syndrome and enjoy the conference with different attitudes.


He [Bill Gates] rarely posts negative reviews of books, explaining that he sees no need to waste anyone’s time telling them why they shouldn’t bother reading something. He doesn’t spare himself, though. “I have a habit, which I don’t recommend, of finishing essentially every book I start,” he said. “And if I disagree with a book I spend lots of time writing notes in the margins. Perversely, this means that the more I dislike a book, the longer I spend reading it.”

– The New York Times

The above quote is from an article that I read from the NYT about how Mr. Gates reading list gave books a surge of sales. I was also one of those who choose which books to read by reading Mr. Gates reading list.

In the past I often rant about something I don’t like or disagree with on my blog, tweets, and Facebook status. I thought it would be a good way for me to get off some streams off myself.

I am going to change this behavior, inspired by what Mr. Gates said about him not posting negative reviews of books. If there is something I don’t like, why should I comment any word about it that someone might read it? It will just promote more about the things that I disagree with.

Starting from this post, I will not promote anymore things that I disagree with or dislike. If you found my blog is all positive and thinking that there’s nothing I dislike, it’s because I chose not to promote them. I will be more than happy to discuss about any topics in real time conversation. In the conversation, you will hear what I am agree and disagree with.



我是一個比較內向的人, 每次參加 conference 時, 都覺得是很不自然. 因為在 conference 中, 徐了能聽到演講外, 也會有很多志同道合的陌生人. 有時候在陌生人之中也可以學到很多不同的課題.

但是很多時會很困難, 因為大家都是陌生人, 開始新的話題不是很容易. 所以看見這本書時, 不禁很想看看作者有什麼的”秘訣”.

書中題到不同的方法可供參考. 破冰是重要一環, 可以從不同角度打破. 這本書也提及到破冰後要注意的地方.

我覺得這本書除了介紹說話技巧外, 也包含了很多做人的道理.

這書除了適合不善於談話的人外, 也適合給在銷售行業的人員做參考.

Infomagical Challenge #5

Today’s challenge is to set priority.

In modern days, we all have many priorities. The podcast talked about having too many priorities will actually make things stagnant. When we have too many priorities, we are running into many different directions. We only move inches to our goals because we cannot focus on finish a single goal.

The challenge for me is to choose less things to focus one. I have to choose carefully.

I like the podcaster said this: Technology is great tool, it is a great enabler to something.  However, if we don’t know what is that something, what do we do with the enabler?

Focus and Simplicity – Steve Jobs

This is something I echoed with.

Infomagical Challenge #4

Today’s challenge is to have a face to face conversation instead of email, text, or IM.

The research shows that it takes 7 minutes to know if the conversation is interesting. As we live in a email, text, or IM world, we tend to edit a lot in our thought in order to make ourselves appear to be as perfect as we can. Comparing with a conversation, we are more authentic because it is our raw thought and emotion.

Yes, it is a challenge, but I am going to try.

Infomagical Challenge #3

Today is infomagical challenge #3.

This challenge hits hard on me. I am the type of person wants to know about all the things that is around me. I want to have the information as much as the person next to me. I want to know abut the topics when I am in a conversation with a group.

However, today’s challenge is to avoid the “trending topics”. I am going to challenge myself doing this.

  1. I will read information that will help me to reach my goal.
  2. When I am reading about something, I know the reason behind it.
  3. When someone asks me about a topic I do not know, I will just smile and say no, I don’t know.
  4. I will not write email/instant messages in haste.
  5. I will write about the topics that I read. (I like this line from the podcast: Reading without writing is idle.)

To recap what I have done so far:

#1: No multi-tasking. (multi-switching).

#2: My phone is my tool.

#3. Read with a purpose.

Infomagical Challenge #2

Today’s challenge is difficult for me.

The task is to clean up my phone.

Some of tasks I have already done prior to this challenge such as turning off notification. (partially done since I turn off social media’s notification. Email is still on, but only during my active hours.)

The difficult part is to clean up the home screen. I have a brunch of apps in the home screen that I feel is necessary. Letting them go is difficult. However, I did it anyway.

The reason behind this challenge is to make my phone just part of a tool. The challenge is to make the phone not a task oriented device.

My phone home screen as of today:


Infomagical Challenge #1

Today I took the Infomagical challenge #1: Do one thing at a time.

As we all know, multi-tasking is a myth, multi-switching is the truth. I do a lot of multi-switching at work. I know it is bad, but I just did not want to delay any decision making messaging and I feel that I always need to know something right a way.

The podcast said that the more we switch, the more energy we spent, therefore, feel more tired.

Today, I took the challenge. I devoted one hour for a task without self-interference (or internal-interference).

The result is refreshing. I felt I have a lot more energy after work. Today is Monday, I am going to try everyday until the end of the week to give this a fair comparison. (After a weekend, one should feel more refresh.)

I will see.