The Martian

I picked up this book after I watched the trailer of the movie with the same name. I was really intrigued by the movie trailer and I decided to read the book before I watch the movie. (I need to take a break from nonfiction and parenting books).

It was a good decision.

It chronicled how Mark Watney, the astronaut who was left behind on Mars after the accident, survived the harsh environment with limited supplies. You will be reading the log entries that Mark noted each day on how he solved the problems he faced and how close it is to be the first man died on Mars.

I am not going to say much about the story line since even though if you are not reading the book, you could be watching the movie. I knew that Matt Damon will be starring as Mark Watney from watching the movie trailer. When I was reading the book, I “visualized” Matt Damon’s voice and face reaction as Mark Watney. The more I went on with the book, the more I believed Matt Damon is the perfect fit for this character. (I think Kristen Wiig is also perfect for her role too. The trailer did not show much of her, but I knew which character she will be in, Wikipedia, and I believed it’s perfect as well.)

I finished this book in a breaking record within one week. It was that good. I highly recommend you read this book before going to movie, because you never known how the movie might “break” the storyline.

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